Saturday, January 5, 2013

Such a Procrastinator

Hey folks - my apologies for not posting in quite some time...I should probably do less tasting and more writing, but hey, at least I'm enjoying myself.

This review was long time coming. I think I tried this one before the new year, before Christmas, even before the trip to the Outer Banks...that's how long it's been. Today I'm bringing to you Saranac's Chocolate Orange Porter, part of their High Peaks series.

From the Brewer:

Saranac Chocolate Orange is a limited edition small batch brew from our "High Peaks" series, a line of beers that are bigger, more complex and flavorful.  Brewed as a full-bodied robust Baltic-style porter with five different hops and four different malts, this beer pushes the porter style to a new level.  We start with generous amounts of chocolate malt, and then add blood orange peel.  In fermentation, the finest hand-selected, purest cacao nibs are added to enhance the chocolate malt flavor.  Look for a dark chocolate roasted flavor finished off with a unique surprise from blood orange peel, making this an extra special treat!

Sounds delicious, right? Well, I must say that this was actually quite disappointing. Weighing in at a decent 9% ABV, the pour on this can only be described as "straight up like motor oil", rich, smooth, and almost black in color. The head is an astounding dark brown color, and long lasting. The nose lends to the chocolate malt, as well as a roasty-toasty smell with some sweetness to it.

The excitement pretty much stops there. I hardly picked up any orange whatsoever - at least not a citrusy orange. They use Orange Peel and Chocolate Malt, but it's more of an orange blossom flavor, if anything at all. its full-bodied and creamy, but the orange is severely lacking. I'm sure it's more aromatic and fruitier on tap, but this was just a bit disappointing for me. I know Mike liked it a bit more than I did. This was worth trying, but I'm probably not going to buy it again. I expected so much more chocolate-orange deliciousness. The malt overpowered the beer and the orange just wasn't there. But hey, at least it's pretty.

How this beer made me feel.

Womp womp.

I know there are other Chocolate Orange porters and stouts out there, perhaps I'll try another one and won't be as sad afterwards.

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  1. How old was this beer when you drank it? Sometimes flavors like orange will fade while the malt characteristics will continue to develop and overpower those other tastes.

  2. I had just bought it earlier that day, thought I admit that I hadn't checked the brew date on it before I drank it. I've heard varying things about the taste on it, so perhaps it was just the age.